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Kilmory Knap Chapel
Kilmory Knap Chapel

Kilmory Knap Chapel

A small chapel in a superb position it houses the exquisitely carved MacMillans cross and a large collection of medieval grave slabs.

This small chapel overlooking Kilmory Bay was built in about 1150 probably on the site of an earlier church. It is closely associated with the MacMillans, the local clan in the late Middle Ages. Within the chapel is a large collection of early Christian and West Highland grave slabs, many of them memorials to MacMillans. Some are beautifully carved with swords, crosses, animals, monsters and galleys.The outstanding sculpture here is the MacMillans Cross. Erected in the late 1400s the cross commemorates Alexander MacMillan keeper of nearby Castle Sween. Standing almost 3m high, it is delicately carved with the crucifixion on one side and a hunting scene on the other. The cross used to stand outside the chapel. It was moved inside to protect it from the weather.

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