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Kiloran Caves
Kiloran Caves

Kiloran Caves

A fascinating group of caves at the north end of Kiloran Bay, Colonsay.

A short walk across the rocks at the north end of Kiloran Bay are three seriously impressive caves on two levels. The two lower caves Uamh Shiorruidh or ˜Endless Cave" and Uamh na Mine or Meal Cave penetrate some 80 metres into the cliff. Uamh Shiorruidh branches into two chambers and contains a shell midden, evidence of having been occupied possibly in Late Neolithic Bronze Age times. Uamh na Mine has one major chamber and four sub-chambers, excavations in the 1960s showed it to have been intermittently occupied over a long period of time. A strong torch or torches will be needed to explore these caves. The upper cave Uamh na Baintighearna or Lady's Cave has one large open chamber also with a midden. Beside the steep path up to it you'll notice a large slab with two Bronze Age cup marks carved into it. This has slid down from the hillside above, where there are many other cup markings.

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