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Uamh Nan Claig-Ionn
Uamh Nan Claig-Ionn

Uamh Nan Claig-Ionn

Scotland's deepest pot hole - Uamh Nan Claig-Ionn (Cave of the Skulls)

Uamh Nan Claig-Ionn (Cave of the Skulls) is situated just south of Duror on the north-western slopes of Meall Ban overlooking Salachan Glen. At 48 metres deep it is the deepest pothole in Scotland. It was discovered by members of Grampian Speleological Group in 1977.Though not very deep when compared with potholes in Yorkshire and Derbyshire it nevertheless gives a varied and sporting trip for those with some caving experience. There are four pitches - the first is 5m, the second (Popleton Pot) is 12m, the third (Dealer's Drop) is 6m, and the final rift (Chest Pot) is 9m.A number of interesting caves have been formed in the bands of metamorphic limestone that extend north-eastwards from Glen Stockdale in Argyll to Glen Spean in Lochaber. A guide to the caves of Appin is available from Grampian Speleological Group.

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